jsvisit Visitor Counter for Joomla

Do you like my visitor counter? This counter is a Joomla extension which not only counts your site's visitors but counts their countries as well. Since Version 1.2.0 ip-addresses are assigend to countries, using a webservice from geoip.nekudo.com and ip2c.org (an own database is not anymore used).

Note, that jsvisit does only counting - ip-addresses of visitors will not be stored in database or used elsewhere.

jsvisit is easy to install and to configure:

The jsvisit Module provides 10 different Layouts for counters. These layouts may be customized or extended with own styling information for counters (e.g. visit digitmania where you will find more than 700 different counter layouts)

Following options are available:

  • Setting of counter to initial or new value
  • Number of digits of counter
  • Type (layout) of counter
  • Random selection of counter type
  • Number of displayed countries
  • Option to show yesterday' values
  • Option to show this week's' values
  • Option to show last week's values
  • Option to show this month's values
  • Option to show last month's values

Values for current day will always be displayed.

Via jsvisit system plugin you may define how visitors are counted. A time interval will be used to decide if a visitor will considered a new visitor and counted.

A sample: You have set in jsvisit-plugin a time interval of 300 minutes (5 hours). If a visitor comes back to your site within the next 5 hours he/she will not be counted again. If he/she comes back later than 5 hours of last visit he/she will be considered a new visitor and counted.

If you have set time interval to "0", your visitor counter becomes a "hit-counter" as every request (click) wil be counted.


Download jsvisit - Visitor counter

jsvisit is free software (as is Joomla!) - however you have to adhere to the GPL-lincense conditions to use it. Please learn more about GPL and free software at GNU Org.

To download jsvisit please click the download button:

downloadjsvisit version 2.1.0 for Joomla! (you need at least Joomla! Version 3.2)

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