Bipolar Chart showing World population by Age

Data and labels for this Bipolar chart showing world pouplation by age is retrieved from a file. Tooltips are build with tooltip template (parameter "tooltip") using "#label#" to show age, and "#val#" to show percentage. Parameter "canvas_class" causes drawing of a background image.

Parameter for creation of chart

{rgraph type="Bipolar" width="500" height="500" data="file" file="plugins/content/rgraph/doc/population.json"
title="World population by age" titleLeft="Male" titleRight="Female" backgroundGrid="false" xaxisScaleDecimals="2" scaleDecimals="2"
xaxisScaleMax="0.8" colors="rgba(51,153,51,0.5),rgba(51,153,51,0.5)" tooltip="<b>Age</b> #label#: #val#%" x_step="20"
yaxisTickmarksCount="0" margin="0" canvas_class="world-map" xaxisScaleUnitsPost="%" marginCenter="40");}cvs{/rgraph}


[No canvas support]>


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