Line Chart built from cvs data

Labels and data for this line chart are retrieved from a csv file via parameter data="csv". In addition to the parameter for the file name, parameter "1" has been specified because data columns start after row 1 (after the csv-header) of the csv-file. Only column 4 is used for data (defined via parameter: csv_cols="4").

Parameter for creation of chart

{rgraph  type="Line" width="700" height="350" title=""DAX30 one Year Performance" data="csv"
csv_parm="php-apps/RGraph/samples/dax_historic.csv,1" csv_cols="4" x_step="12" xaxisLabelsAngle="35"
backgroundGridAutofit="false" yaxisScaleMin="8000" marginLeft="50" xaxisTickmarksCount="12"
tooltip="#label#<br>#val# Points" tooltipsEvent="onclick" xaxisLabelsOffsety="2"}cvs{/rgraph}


[No canvas support]>


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Today: 32
Yesterday: 52
This Week: 84
Last Week: 443
This Month: 2,393
Last Month: 3,643
United States 32.4% USA
Germany 17.4% Germany
Russia 4.6% Russia
France 3.4% France
Indonesia 2.7% Indonesia
Italy 2.5% Italy
India 2.3% India
Poland 2.2% Poland




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