FlashChart and Click Events

With a pointing device such as a mouse, clicking a graphical element triggers a "mouse click" event (or click event). FlashChart now with version 1.2.0 is able to handle click events and may trigger actions. Possible are two types of actions:

  1. navigate via "http" or "https" URLs to internal or external websites
  2. execute javascripts

You define these actions on click events with parameters:

  • onclick - relates to chart elements
  • key_onclick - relates to legend (key) items
  • alert_onclick - relates to chart elements where an "alert" has been triggered

Additionly you now may via new parameter "menu" (which will create a chart menu element) request execution of javascripts.

FlashChart supports actions on click-events in muliple ways. E.g. you may (besides supporting navigation to websites) use flashchart's own javascripts or let flashchart create javascripts to display your charts in a new way.

  • Parameter "create_script" creates javascript for click-Events
  • Javascript "show_modalchart" displays a modal window
  • Javascript "save_image" saves/converts your chart as Image
  • Javascript "print_page" converts chart to Image and calls print dialog (with Microsofts Internet Explorer print dialog is called directly)
  • Javascript "click_parms"shows all available parameters, which are passed by Open FlashChart
  • Javascript "test_click" helps for tests or for creation of popup and modal windows

Following pages show by samples, how you could use this new functionality of flashChart.


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