Flashchart Sample 10

Usage for "chart_colors"

Also have a look at all defined parameters..

Chart Parameter: {flashchart data="CDU,SPD,Grüne,Linke,Sonstige,FDP,Piraten/36,30,14,7,4,3,6"
tooltip="#percent# of votes" width="90%" type="pie" chart_colors="000000,DC143C,228B22,B22222,0000CC,FFCC00,FF3300" alpha="1.0" height="320" title="If the election were next sunday,<br /> which party would you vote for?" dimension="%" bg_image="/plugins/content/flashchart/images/pb.jpg"}pb002{/flashchart}

Notes: With parameter "chart_colors" following colors for chart elements have been defined explicitly:


These colors are used sequentially one after another for every slice of pie chart. Means first data value ("36" - sclice "CDU") gets color "000000" (black), second ("29" - slice "SPD) gets "DC143C" (red), and so on...
You may try out this sample with only changing type="pie" to type="bar_dome"...

 Important: If you want to test this sample via copy/paste, ensure that you paste with option "paste as plain text" otherwise imbedded html-codes may invalidate your input.



Today: 17
Yesterday: 15
This Week: 73
Last Week: 124
This Month: 339
Last Month: 526
United States 35.3% USA
Germany 13.4% Germany
Russia 4.6% Russia
France 3.3% France
Indonesia 2.6% Indonesia
Italy 2.6% Italy
India 2.4% India
Poland 2.2% Poland



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