Flashchart Sample 9

Usage of parameters "alert_value" with line charts

Move mouse pointer to the stars on lines to see tooltip.
also have look on all defined parameters...

Chart Parameter: {flashchart height="250" tooltip="#x_label#: #val#€ for #legend#" type="line_star" title="Revenue by Month" "data="January,February,March,April,May,June/5000,6000,10000,8000,15000,10000|4000,10000,11900,6000,11000,5000" t_fontsize="15"
alert_tooltip="in #x_label# revenue #val#€ for #legend# <br> is higher than expected|in #x_label# revenue #val#€ for #legend #<br>is lower than expected"

legend="Books,DVDs" y_step="5000" y_max="20000" y_min="2000" line_animation="0" dimension="€" log_scaley="1"}sample09{/flashchart}

Note: Stars on lines will have assigned color "ff0000" (the default - red) and assigend "alert_tooltip" if their data value is greater ("gt") than "10000" or lower than ("lt") 6000.
With line charts you can specify "magic value" #legend# it will be filled with values from legend (here "Books,DVDs").

 Important: If you want to test this sample via copy/paste, ensure that you paste with option "paste as plain text" otherwise imbedded html-codes may invalidate your input.



Today: 12
Yesterday: 59
This Week: 344
Last Week: 309
This Month: 241
Last Month: 1,699
United States 31.9% USA
Germany 17.8% Germany
Russia 4.6% Russia
France 3.5% France
Indonesia 2.6% Indonesia
Italy 2.6% Italy
India 2.3% India
Poland 2.2% Poland




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