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I have developed a new Joomla extension, php-rgraph, a content plugin for Joomla. It uses my php-interface to the popular javascript api, RGraph, which is a JavaScript charts library that produces the charts dynamically with JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas tag. For more information read my articles about php-RGraph and my joomla plugin php-rgraph.

Also I encourage you to visit RGraph's home, to see the oustanding work the developers are doing and have done.

All my Joomla extension have been improved or have been added new or improved functions. Of course detected software bugs have been removed. In addition to that I've cleaned HTML-markups to adhere to HTML5 standards in all of my extensions. The interfaces to Joomla3 and Bootstrap have been improved and compatibility issues have been removed.

All my extension have been updated in order to be run with PHP Version 7.

jmootips Version 1.2.5 has been tested and successfully run both with latest Joomla Version 3 and Version 4 (Beta 3 edition).

jmootips Version 1.2.3 build level introduces a new option, which allows jmootips to auto-adjust tooltip positions according to the displayed content. This parameter for auto positioning may be set via Joomla's admin backend or via jmootips plugin tags.

jmootips Version 1.2.2 exploits Joomla's core Ajax-interface (introduced with Joomla 3.2), if you are using parameter "ajax4id" to get tooltip content from Joomla articles via Ajax-interface

jmootips Release 1.2.1 introduces new parameter "width" in order to be able to set width of tip without coding CSS- or HTML-tags. Also new in this Realease is usage of last level (3.3.1) of bootstrap framework. Behaviour of tips using parameter "sticky" and bootstrap has been changed. Now tips will stay open until mouse pointer hovers out tip (not target).

flashChart Since Adobe no longer supports Flash Player after December 31, 2020 and blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021, Adobe strongly recommends all users immediately uninstall Flash Player to help protect their systems. Therefore flashchart plugin will not run successfully anymore and is not supporteed anymore.

jsvisit counter 2.1.1 This Version has been tested and successfully run both with latest Joomla Version 3 and Version 4 (Beta 3 edition). With this version ip-addresses are assigend to countries, using a webservice from If needed webservices from or or are also called.

jmootips - Tooltips for Joomla

jmootips Tooltips not only help with user interactions but may provide (unvisible until requested) informations to elements of a displayed page.

jmootips is designed to separate article content from tooltip content - you just refer to a tooltip within an article but you do not need to code its content within the article.

jmootips will help to design joomla articles and their informations be more attractive and informative. With it you are able to deploy tooltips very easily and feed tooltip content from various sources. Additionally you may control positioning and layout almost without any programming skills.

jmootips is perfectly integrated within Joomla, as it may use any Joomla article for tooltip content, additionally it supports those sources for tooltip content:

  • Plain text or HTML via plugin tags
  • Content from local or remote Webserver
  • Content via Ajax Request
  • Images

jmootips comes packaged with two plugins:

  • jmootips system plugin - With this plugin you will be able to create tooltips within articles, Joomla! modules or Joomla! components very easily
  • tipbutton editors-xtd plugin - Displays a editor toolbar button to ease the insertion of tooltips into an article. It displays a popup allowing you to choose a Joomla article for tooltip content

Read more about jmootips

FlashChart for Joomla! Versions 2.5 and Version 3

{flashchart height="220" width="100%" data="database" sql="Select title, hits From jos_content Order By hits Desc Limit 10" type="bar_dome" tooltip="#val# Hits" title="Most read Articles" label_fontsize="7" title_style="font-size:9px; color:51698F; font-weight:bold;" x_label_rotate="60" multibar_color="1" onclick="/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=90:flashchart-content-plugin-version-1-2-1-for-joomla&catid=49&Itemid=238&lang=en"}sample007{/flashchart}

FlashChart has been developed to ease the inclusion of charts within your articles. It is based upon the API of "Open Flash Chart".

You can use flashChart to generate several types of charts:

  • line charts
  • bar charts (in 2D or 3D)
  • radar charts
  • area charts
  • scatter charts
  • pie charts

For each chart type you can specify lots of attributes such as size, colors, labels, background images, and much more.

You can feed the data for your chart via manual entry, from databases, local file system or from remote (or local) webserver. With this plugin, you will be able to create content articles with imbedded dynamic charts with minimal effort.

FlashChart is available for Joomla! Version 2.5 and for Joomla! Versions 3. For more information see:


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