Line Chart with calculated Data via Formula

Data for this line chart is built by rgraph's utility function "getDataviaFormula". This function takes a formula as input and calculates y-values based on provided start x-value, x-steps (intervals) and a maximum x-value. The number of iterations is limited to 500. The calculation finishes when either maximum of x-values or maximum of iteration is reached.
Important: Because rgraph uses as delimiter curly brackets ("{" "}") you must recode the draw_option parameter from "trace( { frames: 60 } );" to "trace2( [ frames: 60 ] );" (use square brackets instead). If you do not change accordingly the chart will not display.

Parameter for creation of chart

{rgraph type="Line" title="A Line Chart with calculated Data via Formula: y=10*(2*e^-(0.2*x)*sin(x * 2*pi))"
width="650" height="300" data="formula" formula="y=20*(2*e^-(0.2*x)*sin(x*2*pi))" scaleDecimals="3" xaxisPosition="center"
filled="0" backgroundGridAutofit="false" tooltip="x=#label# value=#val#" x_step="10" x_max="20" x_interval="0.1"
xaxisTickmarksCount="10" draw_option="trace([frames: 60])" filled="0" highlightStyle="halo"}cvs{/rgraph} 


[No canvas support]>


Important: If you want to test this sample via copy/paste, ensure that you paste with option "paste as plain text" otherwise imbedded html-codes may invalidate your input.
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