A 3d Bar with Data from MySql Database

Labels and data for this 3d bar chart is retrieved from a Joomla's MySql database. Most of Layout Properties for the chart are provided by rgrpah's plugin parameter settings.

Parameter for creation of chart

{rgraph title="Most Read Articles (today - #date# at #time#)" width="650" height="300" 
tooltip="<b>#label#</b><br/> #val# Hits" variant="3d" xaxisLabelsAngle="20" marginBottom="105" 
data="database" sql="Select title, hits From jos_content where state=1 Order By hits Desc Limit 10" 
marginLeft="85" draw_option="wave([frames:60])" tooltipsPositionStatic="0"
variantThreedOffsety="10"  variantThreedOffsetx="15" truncate_label="15,..."}cvs{/rgraph} 


[No canvas support]>


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