A combined Chart

This chart combines three charts, a bar chart, a line chart and a pie chart.

To combine these three charts, parameter "combine_chart" is set to "true". This causes that second and third chart are drawn into the same canvas as first chart as all charts use the same id ("cvs").


[No canvas support]>

Parameter for creation of chart 1

{rgraph data="Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday/40,50,80,30,40,60,70"
title="A Combined Chart" textAngle="20" variant="glass" colorsSequential="true" tooltip=" #val#€"
tooltipsEvent="onmousemove"  unitsPost=" €"}cvs{/rgraph}   

Parameter for creation of chart 2

{rgraph type="Pie" data="40,50,80,30,40,60,70" combine_chart="1" radius="50" centerx="300" centery="100" 
tooltip="#val#€<br>#percent#% of #total#€" chart_name="chart" tooltipsEvent="onmousemove" 

Parameter for creation of chart 3

{rgraph type="Line" data="400,450,600,300,400,600,700" combine_chart="1" 
tooltip="#val#$" yaxispos="right"  tooltipsEvent="onmousemove" gutterRight="40" 
ymax="800" unitsPost=" $" numxticks="0"}cvs{/rgraph}   


Important: If you want to test this sample via copy/paste, ensure that you paste with option "paste as plain text" otherwise imbedded html-codes may invalidate your input.
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