Bar Chart with Context Menu

If you rightclick into this chart, a context menu will open with the options to zoom-in chart, to print the current page or to send an email to me. The javascripts "printPage" and "sendEmail" are stored file "context.js" (requested as chart script for chart name "chart").

Parameter for creation of chart

{rgraph width="550" height="350" type="Bar" ymax="90" title="Bar Chart with Context Menu"
chart_script="media/plg_content_rgraph/js/context.js" title="Bar Chart with Context Menu" colorsSequential="false"
textAccessible="false" contextmenu="Print Chart,printChart|Send Email,sendEmail|©,''"
variant="3d" chart_name="chart"}cvs{/rgraph}


[No canvas support]>


Important: If you want to test this sample via copy/paste, ensure that you paste with option "paste as plain text" otherwise imbedded html-codes may invalidate your input.
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