Installation of Checkers Game

After download of Zipfile "", unpack (unzip) it into any install-directory. After unpack you will have following dirctories with their files:

  • css - style sheets file
  • images - images of pieces (stones)
  • js - javascript programs
  • Your install directory - HTML-samples for German, Englisch, French and Spanish language,

Check file "strings.json"

This file contains all runtime messages for different languages (now in english, french, german and spanish) in json-format. Here you may add additionall languages or edit message text. But pay attention not to destroy the layout and json format.

Create HTML-pages for the game

To ease this job you should use the samples delivered with the zipfile. Following should be checked:

  1. necessary HTML-tags:
        • <div id="lang" lang="country code"></div> used language (e.g. lang="en")
        • <div id="status"></div> For runtime messages
        • <div id="hints"></div> For hints
        • <div id="images" dir="image directory of checker pieces"></div> This div tag is optional and necessary only if images of pieces cannot be found via relative directory "images" (e. g. as HTML-page is fetched via CMS from a Database)
        • <canvas id="canvas" width="width" height="height"</canvas> Canvas for game board

  2. Script tags
    • checkers game uses jQuery-API, therefore you must ensure that the jquery librrary (e.g. "jquery.min.js") has been added to your html-page and is accessible. Important: Javascript program "checkers.min.js" has to be defined as last script tag just before </body> Tag. This will ensure that DOM has been initialized and is ready.

  3. How to start/restart game
    • Game may me restarted via reload button of Browser. This may be easy to do but it is much better to do this via a control button (this would reload only application not the entire document). Such a solution is provided with the HTML samples. Implementation (add tiny jquery-script and button) is very simple - Feel free to use it.

Upload of files

Create or use a dirctory (e.g. "html/checkers") for the game in your webserver environment, which is accessibel via browser. Then upload all directories with their files into this directory.

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