Scatter Charts

A scatter chart or scattergraph is a type of mathematical diagram using Cartesian coordinates to display values for two variables for a set of data.

The data is displayed as a collection of points, each having the value of one variable determining the position on the horizontal axis and the value of the other variable determining the position on the vertical axis. This kind of plot is also called a scatter plot, scattergram, scatter diagram or scatter graph.

info-32With following reference you will have an overview about and see all supported scatter charts (also see information about scatter charts). All titles of charts are related directly to the "type-tag" (type="type-of chart") of flashChart.


{flashchart height="250" tooltip="x=#x# y=#y#" type="scatter_dot" title="scatter_dot" legend_fontsize="10" data="file" x_step="2" file="data/scatterdata_0.txt"}scatter_001{/flashchart} {flashchart height="250" tooltip="x=#x# y=#y#" type="scatter_star" title="scatter_star" legend_fontsize="10" data="file" x_step="2" file="data/scatterdata_0.txt"}scatter_002{/flashchart}
{flashchart height="250" tooltip="x=#x# y=#y#" type="scatter_box" title="scatter_box" legend_fontsize="10" data="file" x_step="2" file="data/scatterdata_0.txt"}scatter_003{/flashchart} {flashchart height="250" tooltip="x=#x# y=#y#" type="scatter_hollow" title="scatter_hollow" legend_fontsize="10" data="file" x_step="2" file="data/scatterdata_0.txt"}scatter_004{/flashchart}


Today: 13
Yesterday: 49
This Week: 159
Last Week: 278
This Month: 62
Last Month: 1,815
United States 27.7% USA
Germany 23.3% Germany
Russia 4.2% Russia
France 3.2% France
Italy 2.7% Italy
Indonesia 2.4% Indonesia
Poland 2.0% Poland




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