Do you like my visitor counter? This counter is a Joomla extension with the possibility to count not only the visitors but also their countries. The web services of geolocation servers are used for this. The respective servers can be used all or selectively. If no server was selected, the assignment and counting of countries is switched off.

Note that jsvisit only counts - IP addresses of visitors are not stored in the database or otherwise used.

A package with three Joomla extensions is provided for using jsvisit Counter. The jsvisit counter system plugin counts users and their countries. The jsvisit counter modules provide the display of these counters on your website and on your Joomla's admin backend.


1. Installing the package

You may install jsvsit counter on your Joomla site via 'Install from Web Catalog' method because jsvsit counter is available in Joomla's Extensions database. Alternatively, carry out the following installation steps:

  1. Download the jsvsit counter installation file from my website
  2. Login to your Joomla as an administrator
  3. Select in the menu: Extensions >> Manage >> Install
  4. Select the tab: Upload package file
  5. Click the Choose File button
  6. Select the package file you downloaded earlier
  7. The upload and installation will start automatically
After installation, configure the jsvisit counter System Plugin and then deploy the jsvisit counter modules configured to your settings on your website and (optional) on your Joomla admin backend.

jsvisit System Plugin

The counting method can be influenced using the jsvisit System Plugin. A visitor is always recounted when he visits the page again after a defined period of time.

An example: In the jsvisit plugin, this period was set to 300 minutes (5 hours). If visitors visit the page again within the next 5 hours, they will not be counted again, only if more than 5 hours have passed since their last visit. However, this logic requires that cookies are allowed on your website for the use of the time interval. If this is not the case, the visitor counter becomes a hit counter because every page view is counted

If you set the time interval to "0", the visitor counter becomes a hit counter, because every page view is counted.

With plugin option "Ignore bots" you can prevent bots (e.g. from search engines) from being counted as visitors.

The jsvisit counter plugin also defines the deployment and use of Geolocation Server. The respective servers can be used all or selectively. The following servers are supported:

  1. ip-api.com
  2. geoplugin.net
  3. ip2c.org
  4. ipapi.co

If you have not selected any of the provided server, you switch off the assignment and counting of countries.

jsvisit Counter Module

Open the setup menu for modules in the Joomla admin backend via "system->site modules" Click the "New button" in the menu and then select the module "jsvisit Visitor Counter". This opens the HTML form for configuring the module. Please use the necessary information for the configuration with the option "Toggle inline help" in the form. This displays help-texts for the respective module settings. Furthermore, take care on the other necessary Joomla settings (e.g. "Position", "Status", Menu assignment, etc.). For example, you can use the "Advanced" option to select one of the provided module layouts.

Configuration Options

The jsvisit Module provides 20 different Layouts for counters. These layouts may be customized or extended with own styling information for counters (e.g. visit digitmania where you will find more than 700 different counter layouts)

Counters and layout of the counters are determined by two files. On the one hand the counter image (saved in the directory "../media/mod_jsvisit_counter/images") and on the other hand the file for the properties of the counter image: "counter.props" (from the directory "../modules/mod_jsvisit_counter"). Here you can check all the supplied counters (or your own counters) and see the definitions from "counter.props":

Select counter:


The jsvisit module provides following options:

  • display options
    • Setting of counter to initial or new value
    • Number of digits of counter
    • Type (layout) of counter
    • Random selection of counter type
    • Number of displayed countries
    • option to set decimal places for perent values
    • Option to show today's and yesterday's values
    • Option to show this week's' and last week's values
    • Option to show this month's and last month's values
    • New: Option to show this year's and last year's values
    • Options to set module layout (four layouts provided)

  • usage options of counter values
    • Use today's or yesterday's values
    • Use this week's or last week's values
    • Use this month's or last month's values
    • New: Use this year's or last year's values
    • Use count of all visits (default)
    • do not use (display) counter

jsvisit Counter Administrator Module

Open the Joomla Admin Backend Home dashboard and select "Add module to the dashboard" and then select the module "jsvisit Admin Counter". This opens the HTML form for configuring the module. Please use the necessary information for the configuration with the option "Toggle inline help" in the form. This displays help-texts for the respective module settings. Furthermore, take care on the other necessary Joomla settings (e.g. "Position", "Status", Menu assignment, etc.). For example, you can use the "Advanced" option to select one of the provided module layouts.

The module title is set by the module code using language key "MOD_JSVISIT_ADMIN_TITLE". To change this default module title select option "Language overrides" on admin backend menu "System". Select desired language for administrator and create key "MOD_JSVISIT_ADMIN_TITLE" with your own title text.

Configuration Options

The options are the same as the jsvisit Counter Site-Module
  • Version 2.1.6 (Build Level You now may set counter value for a selected counter (e.g. set last year's value).
  • Version 2.1.6 (Build Level This version includes improved and easier use for country names. Note that you will need to adjust your Language Overrides as the format of language keys has been changed.
  • Version 2.1.5 (Build Level with this version you will get an updated country names table based on ISO-3166. Note that you may have to change your language overrides as your used country names may have changed
  • Version 2.1.4 (Build Level added language support for spanisch language - many thanks to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who did the translations.
  • Version 2.1.4 (Build Level now contains yearly counters for current and last year.
  • Version 2.1.4 (Build Level Code has been changed to run with php version 8.2 and has been successfully testet with Joomla Version 5.
  • the latest Version of jsvisit now contains an admin module. Installation via download/install from: To use it, open via Joomla Admin Backend the home dashboard and select "Add module to the dashboard" and then select the module "jsvisit Admin Counter". After configuring the module click "save and close".

  • With version 2.1.3 you can now prevent (Ro)Bots from being counted as visitors. Module "mod_jsvisit_counter" now supports the selection and display of different counter values. Build Version code has been changed/updated to support the PostgreSQL database.

  • Build corrects/adds suppoprt for language tags, "de‐AT", "de‐LI", "de‐LU" and "de‐CH"

  • In version of the jsvsit module, the multi-language support has been adjusted (the prefix "MOD_JSVISIT_COUNTER" has been added). Users using own customized module layouts need to change the following keys in the Joomla "Text::" function in these layouts:
    old key    new key

    You now may define the numbers of decimal places for displaying of perent values in the module settings.

  • With version 2.1.2 you can now optionally select or switch off servers for the country assignment. In addition, you can now also check the connection and the functionality of these servers.

  • Version 2.1.1 has been changed and successfully tested to run with Joomla Version 4.

Language support

The jsvisit counter module supports the Joomla interfaces for different national languages. It has a built in support for these languages:
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg)
  • French
  • Dutch (Netherland)
  • Polish
  • Spanish

If the jsvisit counter module does not support your used content (site) language, then there is a simple way to provide the necessary language strings for your site using joomla's language override feature.
Select option "Language overrides" on admin backend menu "System" -> "Manage". This will open the overides view with option to select your site's language. Once you have selected your site's language, you may enter new language contants (keys) and their related text strings. E.g. to provide a spanish translation for "today" you would enter contant "MOD_JSVISIT_COUNTER_TODAY" and its text value "hoy".

For the jsvisit counter module you will have to define these nine contants and their text values:


Country names

The following should be considered and understood:

  • Since version 2.1.6 the country name to be displayed is based on associated language key. The language keys now have the format MOD_JSVISIT_COUNTRY_country-code.
  • Country codes are used exclusively according to the ISO-3166-1 standard. This means that only the language keys for these (249 available) country codes are defined with the respective assigned country names

If you want to use your own name or correct the country name, you you will have to define a language key via "Language Override" in the Joomla admin backend. The following nameing for the creation must be observed:

  • The country code must be changed to uppercase.
  • The key itself is then formed with the prefix "MOD_JSVISIT_COUNTRY_" plus the changed country code.
For example, For country name "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" you will define the key: MOD_JSVISIT_COUNTRY_GBand assign value:Great Britain.


Download jsvisit - Visitor counter

jsvisit is free software (as is Joomla!) - however you have to adhere to the GPL-lincense conditions to use it. Please learn more about GPL and free software at GNU Org.

To download jsvisit please click the download button:

downloadjsvisit version 2.1.6 for Joomla!

Any Questions? Visit my Support forum or send Email to me.


Today: 28
Yesterday: 35
This Week: 110
Last Week: 343
This Month: 1,710
Last Month: 2,555
This Year: 13,440
Germany 31.8% Germany
USA 22.3% USA
France 3.3% France
Italy 2.7% Italy
Indonesia 2.1% Indonesia
Poland 2.0% Poland
Netherlands 1.8% Netherlands
Spain 1.7% Spain



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