This page shows the current weather situation and the weather development in any location for the respective noon time for 5 days. In addition, a diagram shows how the daily temperature will develop.




Notes on this weather information

The data for this application is provided via a web service provided by "OpenWeathermap". With my web application "jsWeather" this data is processed and displayed in the above format.

OpenWeatherMap is a commercial online service that provides an interface for retrieving weather data, weather forecasts, and historical weather data for web application and mobile device developers. Some of the available data can be accessed for free after successful registration .

Weather forecasts

The data for weather forecasts can be queried in two ways: by using the city/location name or by using geographic coordinates. Hourly and daily forecasts are available. A five day forecast for any location on the globe with a 3-hour step is available for free and used here.


Today: 2
Yesterday: 31
This Week: 2
Last Week: 343
This Month: 1,602
Last Month: 2,555
This Year: 13,332
Germany 31.7% Germany
USA 22.3% USA
France 3.3% France
Italy 2.7% Italy
Indonesia 2.1% Indonesia
Poland 2.0% Poland
Netherlands 1.8% Netherlands
Spain 1.7% Spain



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