php-RGraph - Examples

Examples of varius charts created by php-RGraph

The samples are meant to show the usage and the features of php-RGraph.
If you select a sample, a JQuery.load() function will be triggered to load a PHP script which creates a RGraph chart object and then renders it by imbedding a related html template.

Part of the provided examples here are based upon the samples shown on RGraph's Demo Site.



Today: 32
Yesterday: 69
This Week: 101
Last Week: 436
This Month: 1,259
Last Month: 1,841
This Year: 8,465
Total: 241,058
Germany 31.2% Germany
USA 22.6% USA
France 3.3% France
Italy 2.7% Italy
Indonesia 2.1% Indonesia
Poland 2.0% Poland





Weather in Ashburn

21st May, 2024 - 10:09
Clear Sky
74°F 70°F min 78°F max
5:52 20:21
Humidity: 73 %
Wind: 6.9 mph South
Pressure: 1,014 hPa
Visibility: 32,808 ft
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